Yhdistelmäpaalaimet lyhyille materiaaleille

Balers for Short Materials


Agronic Multibalers 820 and 1220

The AGRONIC 820 & 1220 MultiBalers are the perfect, easy to use, baling and wrapping combinations for various types of loose material.  Widely known in the compacting industry all over the world, they are available in two different versions, to meet customer requirements.

The AGRONIC 820 MultiBaler produces a bale with a variable diameter size from 80 to 90 cm., and a width of 85 cm. The bale weight varies from 250 to 450 kg.

The AGRONIC 1220 MultiBaler produces a bale with a variable diameter size from 100 to 120 cm., and a width of 100 cm. The bale weight varies from 600 to 1000 kg.

The AGRONIC MultiBaler 1220 is the perfect machine suitable for agricultural or industrial applications where capacity is required. The AGRONIC MultiBalers distinguish themselves from other baling and wrapping combinations, and are suitable for compacting a wide variety of (fiber) products such as:  corn, grass, TMR, alfalfa, beet pulp, wood chips etc.  Every day new products are baled with the MultiBaler 1220 in different places in the world!

Bales of forage products produced using AGRONIC MultiBalers have been scientifically proven to have a higher feed quality, leading to an increased yield in milk & meat production, than when compared to dairy and beef herds feed with fodder that has been stored in silos.

The AGRONIC MultiBalers have a capacity of 40-50 bales per hour. The machines are normally operated in a stationary setup, but also mobile to use in the field, in combination with a forage harvester, which generates significant savings in logistical costs.

All AGRONIC MultiBalers can also be equipped with several options that make the machines even more multifunctional!

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