Agronic Oy is manufacturer of agricultural machinery from Finland.  We design, develop, and manufacture high-quality products to withstand nordic conditions.

Our core product ranges include bale wrappers and slurry tankers, which can be configured to meet the needs of each individual customer.

The company was founded in 1993, and has since established a strong position on both the domestic and export markets.  Our operations are backed by a solid AAA credit rating, internationally recognized as the highest possible achievement.

While domestic sales are handled by the Hankkija network, international sales are handled by importers and dealers worldwide.  Approximately 50% of the production is destined for export.

Advanced solutions

Our products have become famous for their innovation, durability, and reliability.  During the development phase, careful attention is given to customer requirements.  From small farms and from contractors.

As the entire design, development, and manufacturing processes are controlled in house country-specific modifications to products can be easily made.

Behind durable outside finish of our products, lies a high-tech interior.  Agronic is also a leader in the development and programming of electronic control systems, through their wholly-owned subsidiary, Prodevice Oy.  Their expertise benefits not only Agronic products, but also become the choice any other manufacturers of quality agriculture machinery.