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Empacadoras para materiales cortos


Las multibaladoras AGRONIC 820 y 1220 son las combinaciones perfectas y fáciles de usar de empacadoras de pacas para pacas redondas. Ampliamente conocida en la industria de la compactación en todo el mundo. Dos versiones de máquina, cada una para usuarios específicos.

El AGRONIC 820 MultiBaler produce una paca con un diámetro variable de 80 a 90 cm. y una anchura de 85 cm. El peso de la bala varía de 250 a 450 kg.

La AGRONIC 1220 MultiBaler produce una paca con un diámetro variable de 100 a 120 cm. y una anchura de 100 cm. El peso de la bala varía de 600 a 1000 kg.

El AGRONIC MultiBaler 1220 es la máquina perfecta para aplicaciones agrícolas o industriales donde se requiere capacidad. Los AGRONIC MultiBalers se distinguen de otras combinaciones de envoltoras de empacadoras y son adecuados para compactar una amplia variedad de productos (fibra) como maíz, hierba, TMR, alfalfa, pulpa, astillas de madera, etc. MultiBaler 100/120 en diferentes lugares del mundo!

El forraje empacado en fardos con AGRONIC MultiBalers ha demostrado científicamente que genera un mayor rendimiento en la producción de leche y carne de su hato en comparación con el uso de silos.

AGRONIC MultiBalers tiene una capacidad de 40-50 pacas por hora. La máquina es estacionaria, pero también móvil para usar en el país en combinación con un carrete, lo que le ahorra una gran cantidad de costos logísticos.

Todos los MultiBalers AGRONIC también pueden equiparse con varias opciones que hacen que las máquinas sean aún más multifuncionales.

AGRONIC MULTIBALER XL the new MultiBaler for stationary and mobile use!

Knoll B.V. from The Netherland, together with partner Agronic Oy from Finland, is introducing a new model MultiBaler.

Completely new development based on proven technology

 AGRONIC MultiBalers have been produced and sold since 2009.

During the development of the AGRONIC MultiBaler XL, we returned to the drawing board and designed a completely new machine, based on our trusted concept.

The MultiBaler XL is a machine for the professional user who expects durability and quality. We have translated this into a machine that can be used for both agricultural and industrial use. Solidity radiates from the design and in combination with a fully-thought-out and hydraulic drive, the MultiBaler XL does what can be expected from this machine.

The MultiBaler XL makes bales with a diameter of 100-115cm (variable) and a width of 120cm. Depending on the type of material and condition, the machine produces bales of 500-1350 kg.

The bale chamber is hydraulically driven by a Brevini planetary drive. This hydraulically adjustable drive system ensures optimum control of the speed of the bale chamber belt, adaptable to any situation.

The bale chamber is filled from the top and is a roller bale chamber consisting of 17 HD-rollers fitted with continuously lubricated double slide bearings.

Simplicity that gives that little bit extra!

 The basis of the AGRONIC MultiBaler is good. However, we have also paid attention to the “extras” that make working with the machine even more enjoyable and easier.

The controls of the machine have been developed by us based on the experiences and input of users. The machine is operated by a 10″ Parker IQAN control terminal.


Information when and where you need it! Rimote® is the solution that gives machine owners and users insight into the performance of the machine.

Rimote® is standard on the AGRONIC MultiBaler XL in combination with an accompanying data subscription for 5 years.

The perfect machine for all conditions with corresponding options!

AGRONIC MultiBalers are now used in more than 45 countries around the world. Every user has his own application. The MultiBaler XL can be equipped with various options to ensure that the machines perfectly match the user’s wishes.

Every bale can be weighed using the optional weighing system. The weighed weight is displayed on the IQAN control terminal and also stored in the logbook, which can be created per customer. This weighing system can also be expanded with a label printer.

In addition to the MultiBaler XL, there is also a remote control available, the bale can be unloaded at the push of a button and the machine can also be paused with this remote control.

The optional side loading conveyor makes it possible to unload a dosing wagon or mixer wagon directly without the need for another loading vehicle, highly efficient, very widely applicable in different areas.


Agronic Oy takes care of the distribution in the Scandinavian, Baltic and Russian- speaking and the Korean countries under its own brand name AGRONIC. Knoll B.V., will take over the distribution for the other countries in the world with the brand name KNOLL.

Interested? For more info, please contact our sales office in The Netherlands info@knollbv.nl or in The Finland export@agronic.fi

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