Agronic & The Environment

The main goal is to develop our own operations and to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and other involved parties. Agronic Oy’s management team is committed to an environmental management system by creating the proper conditions and resources, at all stages of operation and manufacturing. The quality manager is responsible for ensuring that the management team has the necessary material for regular reviews of the environmental management system. Personnel are required to follow generally accepted practices to maintain and implement good environmental performance.

Agronic Oy aims to, among others, use education and information to raise awareness of environmental impacts and to generate a commitment to environmental issues in it operations. Agronic Oy undertakes a commitment to monitor and comply with statutory requirements and regulations, and to continuously improve its operations by preventing and minimizing environmental damage.

Our customer relationship and interest in your satisfaction will not end with the purchase of a new product. We will continue to ensure your satisfaction, and to serve you in all matters related to the product! When you read the word AGRONIC on the product you are using, you are always ready to work.