AGRONIC Multibaler 820, 1220 and XL Combination Balers

AGRONIC MultiBalers are suitable for round baling of almost all fine-grained materials: hay, straw, corn, flat grain, peat, soil, vegetable waste… imagination is the only limit!

AGRONIC MultiBaler machiness are now being operated in more than 45 countries around the world. Each user has a machine equipped according to their own needs. The MultiBaler XL can be equipped with several accessories.

The AGRONIC MultiBaler has been manufactured and sold since 2009. The machines stand out from it’s competitors thanks to, for example, their mode of operation and simple commissioning. The Agronic Multibaler can be used without modifications for stationary use and towed for mobile use. This increases the utilization rate, efficiency and versatility of the machines.


Knoll B.V. From Holland together with Haapavesi-based Agronic Oy presents the new Multibaler XL model. Agronic Oy is responsible for the distribution of balers on the Scandinavian, Baltic,and Russian markets, as well as in Korea under its own brand name AGRONIC. Knoll B.V. is responsible for distribution to the rest of the world under the brand name KNOLL.

When developing the AGRONIC MultiBaler XL, we went back to the drawing board and designed a completely new machine based on our proven concept.

Features of Multibaler XL

Mobile or stationary use, with enough capacity!

AGRONIC MultiBaler XL is a multifunctional machine. In addition to stationary use, the possibility to bale while moving in the field were important aspects in the development of this new model.

MultiBaler XL can always be used easily as desired. Thanks to this, manpower is saved and efficiency increases. We believe in increasing mobile usage of MultiBalers all over the world.

Baling of freshly chopped fodder is becoming increasingly interesting on many markets. The AGRONIC MultiBaler XL has been developed for this type of use as a mobile or stationary unit.

The machine is equipped with the AGRONIC wrapping system, which features a completely new type of wrapping table. This hydraulically movable wrapping table loads the bale reliably and gently, even on hilly fields.

The Multibaler XL can be equipped with a side conveyor. For example, feed rations prepared with a trailed mixer can be emptied directly onto the conveyor and thereby automatically into the baling process.


Machine information whenever and wherever you need it! Rimote® is a solution that conveys information about the machine’s performance to machine owners and users.

Rimote® is standard on the AGRONIC MultiBaler XL together with the related data subscription for 5 years.

Via mobile data, the system is available anytime and anywhere. We also use this system for updates, your dealer can log in to the device for maintenance.

This maximizes machine performance by applying intelligent maintenance and maintenance planning. We also reduce downtime by using diagnostic support for decision-making and preventive maintenance.

The perfect machine for all conditions, equipped according to your needs!

For example, a weighing system weighs each bale. The weighed weight is displayed on the IQAN operating monitor and the bale is also saved in the memory location-specific log book. The weighing system can be expanded with a label printer.

The MultiBaler XL is also available with a wireless remote control, which can be used to drop the bale in a suitable place with the push of a button and the work cycle can also be interrupted.

Side conveyors for filling the machine directly from a mixer or trailer.



AGRONIC Multibaler 820 and 1220 balers are suitable for e.g. corn, straw, shavings pre-mixed TMR, and peat for baling.

The dimenions of Multibaler 820 bales are 85 cm wide and 80-90 cm in diameter, bale weights, depending on the material to be baled, range between 250-450 kg.

The Multibaler 1220 makes a larger bales with a width of 100 cm and a diameter of 100-120 cm, bale weights between 600 and 1000 kg, depending on the material to be baled.

The bales are tied with net or binding plastic. Bales can also be wrapped in plastic to ensure weather protection and preservation.


Compared to the smaller AGRONIC MultiBaler 820/1220 models, the MultiBaler XL’s bale chamber concept is completely different. At the heart of the machine, the bale chamber, has been developed using years of experience in industrial use. The bale chamber is made of wear-resistant materials for hard use. This guarantees the machine’s reliable operation and long life.

The size of MultiBaler XL bales is adjustable 100-115 cm, and with a width 120 cm. Depending on the material to be baled, the bales weigh 500–1350 kg.

Agronic Product Support

Support from experts

Our customers abroad receive company-backed support from their own local importer/dealer, in their own language.

Trained partners

We provide continuous training and support, for maintenance and service solutions, with all of our international partners.

Quick spare parts

Our importers have basic spare parts in stock, and the shipment of new parts from our factory in Haapavesi can be achieved within the same day.

Local services

On the Finnish market, Agronic personally takes care of any support and service issues that may arise. Hands-on training courses are arranged for customers of combination balers, slurry tankers, and other products. From the start of May until the end of September, 24/7 customer support by phone is available.


MultiBaler 820

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