Good partners and employees are worth their weight in gold. Over the years and decades, we get to know each other and each other’s ways of working. Trust is gradually born from good experiences on both sides.

We have worked in sales and marketing cooperation in Finland with Hankkija since the beginning. Half of our production stays in Finland and the other half is exported around the world.

We currently employ more than 50 employees. Staff turnover is very low, which indicates a successful and prosperous operating culture.

High-quality and professional suppliers work in the local area. We procure laser cut pieces, formed piping, and most of the machined parts from partners in the surrounding area.


For planning and production, we have acquired and trained competent and committed people. Strong practical experience in an agriculturally dominated area, both in the use of agricultural machinery and in their manufacture, provides a good foundation.

In our own 4,800 m2 factory, e.g. we edge, weld, paint and assemble high-quality AGRONIC products.


In 1994, we introduced an automatic bale wrapper that could be connected to any round baler as a train. In 1999, we started developing a combination baler in cooperation with the Norwegian manufacturer Orkel A/S. Now we make combination balers and their parts for several different purposes in cooperation with several manufacturers. Our range of grassland machines also includes innovative windrowers (front rakes).

We brought slurry tankers and spreading ramps that can be connected to them to the market at the beginning of the 2000s.


Cooperation when developing machines is very important. It’s not worth trying to invent and do everything yourself, because the world has know-how and innovations.

Our basic principle is Finnish manufacturing and international cooperation. Quality from Finland and other western countries tends to be the most durable.


The main goal is to develop one’s own operations and guarantee the satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders. Agronic Oy’s management team commits to the environmental system by creating the conditions and resources for it in all operational and manufacturing phases. The quality manager is responsible for ensuring that the management team has the necessary material for regular reviews of the environmental system. The personnel is obliged to follow generally accepted operating procedures for maintaining and implementing good environmental protection activities.

Agronic Oy aims to increase awareness of environmental impacts and commitment to environmental issues, e.g. with training and open communication. In its operations, Agronic Oy undertakes to monitor and comply with statutory requirements and regulations, and to constantly improve its operations by preventing and minimizing environmental harm.

Our customer relationship and our interest in you does not end with the purchase of a new product, but we are happy to serve you in all matters related to the product! When the product you are using says AGRONIC, you are always ready for work in the field.