Slurry Tankers

AGRONIC slurry tankers are designed and manufactured for demanding use. The customers are individual farmers, machinery rings, or contractors. The structures of all AGRONIC slurry tankers are designed for continuous operation.

The slurry tanker and accessories are easy to maintain and clean. The quick-to-open man access hatch and drain valves/plugs with the pump and in the tank make it easier to use the tanker, e.g. during winter transport. Standard equipment includes, for example a Series 6 wide-angle PTO shaft, hydraulic six-inch slide valve for volume control, man access hatch, spreading plate, and road traffic equipment, fenders, brakes and steel belted tires.

The tank design really lowers the center of gravity. You can drive, even with a fully loaded tanker, without worry on sloping terrain or uneven fields. However, the ground clearance remains sufficient at 40-cm. The lower portion of the tank is located forward of the axle, so it ensures sufficient drawbar weight.

Efficient and Accurate in the Field

Optimized with for wide steering angles, which makes them very agile. Spreading can also be done in the field curves, and thanks to the lower tank body, the tank weight distribution remains constant until the end of the load. In addition, Agronic’s slurry wagons have the lowest center of gravity on the market, which improves stability. The AIR system doubles the surface area of the tires, and proportional hydraulics together with precise flow measurement ensure precise operation.

Agronic Slurry Tanker Models


XS MODELS are available as 10 m3 and 12 m3. The trailer has a hydraulic drain pump and does not need a PTO shaft. A manhole, road traffic lights, ramp mounting points,  and brakes are part of the standard equipment. It is agile, light, and affordable.

XS-series slurry tankers can be equipped with spreading ramps and side-mounted pumping arms.


Three sizes are available:  14, 17, and 20 m3. The steerable axle system, which is standard equipment, makes the tanker remarkably agile, and the suspension smooths out the ride and saves the structure. Also available with patented crab and forced steering.


The narrower lower frame of the trailer allows for large turning angles and increased agility. Optimized with for wide steering angles, which makes them very agile. HS-series slurry tankers are available in capacities of 14 m3, 17 m3 and 20 m3 and they have two or three hydraulically suspended axles. These slurry tankers have steerable axles. Tridem axle models are equipped with a hydrualically liftable front axle.

Useful equipment 

Center-mounted pump loader arms

The central mounted pump loading arm swings to either side of the slurry tanker, and has a  standard reach of 4.0-m, with an extension to reach depths of up to 5.0-m. It can be equipped for transfer pumping with an additional joint in the boom and emptying of the load through a foam hose. The slurry tanker is filled with a single piston moto pump. Oil consumption is 80 l/min. or 103 l/min when equipped with accessories.

HD piston motor filling pump with two different motor options

The piston motor driven HD filling pump copes with difficult conditions. Thick slurry, with a high amount of solid content, and deep pits will not block this filling pump. If the tractor has load-sensing hydraulics, from which more than 80 or more than 103 l/min of oil can be made available, the filling capacity is more than 8,000 l/min., or even greater than 10,000 l/min. The pump is standard equipment with center mounted loading arms and is available as an accessory for side mounted loading arms.

Side mounted pump loader with or without telescopic extension

The side-mounted pump loader has two pump options: standard, with an approx. output of 5 m3/min and an oil requirement 50 l/min, and an optional HD filling pump. The reach is 3.4 m below ground level and with the telescopic boom up to 5.1 m deep structure.

Crab steering

With the crab steering system, the slurry tanker can be guided to follow offset from the tractor on either of the desired sides. Soil compaction and the risk of getting stuck are reduced. With crab steering, the slurry tanker can be driven sideways on the headlands, in tight junctions and keep the tractor further from the edge of the ditch, etc. The axles are locked for road transport. Crab steering is standard on HXA-II system series slurry tankers, and is available as an option almost all other series models.

Agronic Product Support

Support from experts

Our customers abroad receive company-backed support from their own local importer/dealer, in their own language.

Trained partners

We provide continuous training and support, for maintenance and service solutions, with all of our international partners.

Quick spare parts

Our importers have basic spare parts in stock, and the shipment of new parts from our factory in Haapavesi can be achieved within the same day.

Local services

On the Finnish market, Agronic personally takes care of any support and service issues that may arise. Hands-on training courses are arranged for customers of combination balers, slurry tankers, and other products. From the start of May until the end of September, 24/7 customer support by phone is available.


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