PDH-10 and PDH-20 Additive Pumps


Agronic produces two models of pumps for acid application:  The PDH- 10 with a max. capacity of 10 l/min, and the PDH-20 with a max. capacity 20 l/min.

The PDH- 10 model is suitable for balers and self-loading wagons, while the capacity of PDH-20 is enough for even the most powerful of forage harvesters.

The new S-Control system is fully automated, adjusting the acid application rate for the capacity of any harvesting machine.

The dosing pump enclosure is made of stainless steel (A4/316). Nozzles and clamps are made of the same durable material.  The dosing pump and pipes are connected with fasteners so is needed, it is easy to remove the pump and attach to another harvesting machine.

First in its class for accuracy and ease of operation, the dosing pump supply voltage can be taken directly from the tractor’s or harvester’s own electrical system. When operated for baling, the baler has automatic control over the starting and stopping of the pump.

The intelligent control electronic control system regulates the flow to a certain constant level. A change in supply voltage, suction/pumping height, or fluid level in the tank does not affect the application rate.

Monitoring System

If there is air in the reservoir following its replacement, the pump will start at maximum power for the time necessary to bleed the system. The hoses are immediately filled, and accurate application starts immediately.  The control system will sound an alarm if the set distribution rate is not obtained, and once the acid reservoir is empty the pump will stop automatically.

Comprehensive Base Kit

The acid applicator base kit includes the following accessories: Power cable with Euro connector, control cables, 200 l barrels and a suitable filter-equipped vacuum hose, a separate suction filter, hose kit, quick connectors, and hose clamps.

Accuracy and Ease of Use in A Class of Its Own

Thanks to the intelligent control electronics, the flow is always kept constant. Operating voltage fluctuations, suction or pump head, or the amount of fluid in the tank will not affect the amount of return.  Application rate is clearly indicated in liters.


One sensor input is provided as “trip calculation” function, and the applicator automatically calculates the loads or the bales, and the amount of acid needed to be applied to them.  Agronic applicators are also capable of being used in an automatic application of litres-to-bale format.

Self-Loading Wagons

For self-loading wagons, a kit consisting of a 190 cm long stainless steel applicator with four fan nozzles, wiring harness, power cable, pick-up sensor, and a connector a fast connector for the reservoir is available.

Operation with Specific Baler Models

With all Agronic ACC Pulse and 1302RR from 2009 onwards, Midivario, MR series MultiBalrs, New Holland Rollbaler 125 and 135 Ultra, CASEIH RB 544, Orkel HiQ and Orkel 1260, exact matched pump kits are available for all of the above-mentioned balers.

Not only for start-up, but all also for precise dosage in the application rate in the liters to be applied to the bale.

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