Round bale wrappers

Round bale wrappers


Agronic 1022 and 1025

  • Universal bale wrapper for all requirements.
  • Can be operated directly behind the tractor, or behind the round baler.
  • Trouble free operation, even on slopping terrain.
  • Easy-to-use CANBUS controls.
  • High capacity

A New Generation of Bale Wrappers from Agronic

The AGRONIC 1022 round bale wrapper with its two 750mm pre-stretching units, mounted on twin arms, is designed with contractors and larger farms in mind.

The prinicple advantage of this bale wrapper can be found in the design of the loading arm. When operated behind the tractor, the machine is set in the offset position, allowing for the operator to drive alongside the bales, with the unit coming inline with the bales. This means that the bale is picked-up, wrapped, and then dropped in the same direction as the baler.

The whole operational sequence is controlled automatically. As soon as the bale activates the loading sensor on the loading arm, the wrapping sequence starts.

The drawbar is hydraulic, allowing for easy adjustment, in order to precisely line-up with the bales.

When used “In Line”, behind the baler, the machine is automatically set to work by means of a sensor in the baler chamber door.

Once the chamber door is closed the operator can drive forward and bale the next bale. As the driver moves forward the AGRONIC 1022 automatically picks up the bale, the process is started, and then the operator is signalled that the bale is ready to be unloaded.

Should one of the film rolls run out, the wrapper stops and will give the operator a choice to continue wrapping with only one roll, increasing the number of revolutions of the pre-stretch unit automatically, or to install a new roll.

The unique scissors have both a cutting and tie action to gather the film and hold it for the next bale. Once the bale is wrapped, the table gently lowers it to the ground, and the next can be collected by the loading arm. The wrapping cycle then starts automatically once the bale is positioned on the wrapping table.

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