Water and slurry pumps

Slurry Pumps



There are three different models of hydraulically-driven submerisible pumps from AGRONIC, meaning that there are different sizes for different uses.  The pumps are resistant to dirt, gravel, stones, and dry running.  The pump housing is galvanized, the length of the slurry hose is 5.0-m, and the hydraulic hoses are 7.0-m in length.  There is a hanging hook at the end of slurry hose.

AG21:  Hose size of 3”, oil requirement of 25-l/min., six-blade impeller.
The pump is compact and easy-to-handle, with a max. output of 2100-l/min.  It is well suited for pumping water, urine, and thin slurry.

AG46:  Hose size of 5”, oil requirement of 50 l/min, three-blade impeller.
The pump’s suction opening has shredding blades, and is even better suited for difficult conditions.  Equipped with aileron support bearings and multiple seals.

AGHP46TP:  Hose size of 168 mm, oil requirement of 80 l/min. or 103 l/min. when equipped with accessories.  The pump inlet has shredding blades and is very efficient.  Max. pumping capacity is over 8,000 l/min. or over 10,000 l/min. There is a flange connection for a customer supplied hose, as the pump is delivered without hoses.  Equipped with aileron support bearings and multiple seals.

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