Slurry tankers

Slurry Tankers


Slurry tankers bearing the name AGRONIC are designed and manufactured to withstand the toughest operational conditions.  For farmers and contractors.  They are engineered for heavy-duty, continuous use.  The main reason why AGRONIC is the market leader in Scandinavian when it comes to slurry tanks.

The slurry tankers and their accessories are easy to maintain and clean.  A quick-access manhole, drain valves, and vanes on the impeller are all designed for easy access and durability.  For example, during winter transport operations.  The generous standard equipment fit includes a Series 6 wide-angle driveline, a 6” hydraulic valve for adjustment, and the earlier mentioned manhole.  Super Surface Spreader with road equipment, fenders, brakes and radial tires.

The unique frame design lowers the overall height and center of gravity for the slurry tank.  Operating a fullly loaded tank, on sloping or uneven terrain, remains safe and secure. While maintaining an adequate ground clearance of 40 cm.  The geometry of the tank is designed to be lowered at the bogie, ensuring the front always empties first, maintaining a proper weight balance.

Single Axle XS Series Slurry Tanks

Two different sizes, 10m³ and 12m³, of the compact XS series slurry tankers are available.  These smaller, compact, models are not short on innovation, such as the powerful a hydraulic charge pump that does not require a PTO drive for operation.  A manhole for easy access, traffic lights, mounting points for spreading ramps, and brakes are all part of the standard specification. Tires sizes from 850/50R30,5 – 1050/50R32 are available.  A perfectly sized slurry tanker, for most operations, that can be equipped with a variety of spreading ramps, as well both center and side-mounted pumping arms.

Slurry Tanks with Mechanical Parabolic Spring Suspension

Slurry tankers equipped with a  parabolic suspension are available in 3 different sizes:  14, 17, and 20m³.  These slurry tankers featured a steerable axle as standard, which allows for remarkable agility with a comparatively large capacity.  The suspension smooths out ride and helps to protect the structure from the stress incurred with rough in-field operation.  The larger 17m³ and 20m³ versions use the new heavy-duty BPW axle, with improved wheel suspension, as well as new steering and brake cylinders.

Fiberglass Slurry Tank with Parabolic Suspension

One model with a capacity of 15,5m³.

The tanker is lighter, shorter, and features increased agility when compared to conventional steel models.  Owing to the shape of tanker body.  The tanker features a longer drawbar than featured standard models,  allowing for tighter turns, even with tractors equipped with dual wheels.  A reduction in soil compaction is helped by the tanker’s low overall weight.

HS and HXA Series: Slurry Tankers with Hydraulic Suspension and Hi-Tech Steering

The HXA series feature a modified body, which is lower and narrower than the HS series, allowing greater turning angles and increased agility. The size of discharge and mixing tubing has been increased to 168 mm. The discharge rate has increased by 50%, but the power requirement has also been decreased, which translates to a higher work efficiency with lower operating costs.  The HXA range features models with capacities of 14m³, 17m³, and 20m³.  The HXA models are available in either tandem or tridem configuration, with electronically guided-steering, and with front axle capable of being hydraulically lifted.  Forced crab-steering is also standard on the HXA series.

Center-Mounted Pumping Arm

The center mounted pumping arm allows for filling of the tanker from either side, with a reach of up to 4.0 meters in depth, or up to 5.0 meters with an extension.  It can be equipped with a transfer line with a drain valve, as well as a third joint. The slurry tanker is filled using a single hydraulic piston pump, eliminating the need to use the drain pump for filling. Using this system allows for a decrease in fuel consumption, as well as increasing the suction capacity.  Oil flow requirement for operation is 80 litres/min.

HD Piston Filling Pump

Optimized for tough filling conditions, where thick slurry with a high amount of dry material is present, the piston HD filling pump is resistant against clogging. The pump is standard with center-mounted pumping arms and is available as an optional accessory for a side-mounted pumping arm.  The oil flow requirement is for 80-litres/min., with a pumping capacity of 8,000-litres/min.

New! Side-Mounted Pumping Arm (With or Without Extension)

The new side-mounted pumping arm has a choice of two pumps: The standard, with an output of approx. 5m³/min and oil requirement 50 l/min, and an optional HD filling pump with an output of over 8 m3 /min and an oil requirement of just 80 l/min. The reach is a standard 3.4 m below the ground, and up to 5.1 m deep on versions equipped with a telescopic extension.

Crab Steering

With the crab steering system, the slurry tanker can be positioned to run outside of the tractor’s wheel tracks, either to the left- or right-hand side.  This offset tracking allows for a significant reduction in the risk of soil compaction.

The slurry tanker can drive sideways on headlands, at narrow junctures in the field, and can be used to keep the tractor further away from the edge of the ditch or fence line. The axles are locked for road travel. The rear axle can act as a guide if desired.

Crab steering is standard on the HXA series and is available as an option on almost any other model, including the single-axle XS series.

Improved AG6000 and AG8000 Disc Spreading Ramps

The redesign of the disc spreading ramps has led to a weight reduction nearly 300 kg. The durability of the disc bearings has increased, thanks to the use of improved tapered roller bearings. The suspension of the disc units is now handled by a coil spring, the discs are now slightly angled, and have a larger path. The coulters are also more precisely following the contours of the ground.

The disc injector assembly is articulated from the center, so it can pivot and tilt independently of the mounting beam. In addition to this, the coulters now also can pivot relative to the injector body. The agility is improved, and the disc loading is reduced.

The nozzles are narrower and fit into the grooves made by the discs, so all the slurry goes into the ground!

JVM8, JVM12 and JVM15 Trailing Shoe Spreading Ramps

The working width of the trailing shoe ramps is 8.12 meters or 15 meters, and it has 26, 40, or 54 shoes in separate suspension springs. The power requirement for the shoe is less then that required blade is disc coulter.

The shoe body is hinged in the middle, so it can pivot upwards, regardless of the ramp position.  The trailing shoe spreading ramps can be used on slurry tankers equipped with crab steering, and have no problem working in curves and around corners.

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