Umbilical Slurry Systems

Umbilical Slurry Systems


For efficient and environmentally friendly slurry spreading. Our range includes application bars, high-pressure hoses, reels, compressors, pumping stations, and a pumping trailer.

The spreader’s innovative filling pipe is located close to the tractor and minimizes load stress on the tractor linkage. The application bar will never twist under any force, and thus the working depth remains constant. Since the spreader is hinged from the centre, the spreading boom always lifts straight, the working elements do not stick in the ground, and do not damage the field surface under any circumstances.

On the headlands, the tower and long tube extension act to control the hose directly, so that the hose does not drag underneath. Headlands do not have to be worked separately; the application can be continued during the turning. However, this can reduce the accuracy of the application. If the headlands are worked separately, there is no need to worry about the hose becoming caught underneath during turning.

The working elements can be lifted during operation, for example when working in wedge-shaped fields, as the boom is controlling the hose position.

  • Swivel hose tower for easy turning on the headlands, even when in the working position.
  • High-pressure knife shutter, that closes without leakage on the headlands.
  • Accurate flowmeter.
  • Onboard computer and headland management system available as an option.
  • Low traction requirement.
  • The VLM umbilical system is suitable for slurry application in all conditions and is available in working widths 8, or 12 m.

Pumping is either by a simple 3pt high-pressure pump and if needed, a pumping arm and an option on the compressor capacity. Another option is the pumping trailer, which consists of a pumping arm and a compressor can be fitted to a trailer chassis. One hose reel can be also be transported on the trailer, and the trailer also equipped with a hitching point for towing the container.

The hose reel has capacity for 1000m of 4 “or 5” high-pressure hose, the reel is supplied with a 3-point or a  front loader attachment.

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