Water and slurry pumps

Water and Slurry Pumps


Hydraulic Submersible Pumps:

The series of hydraulically-driven submersible pumps from Agronic has three pumps of different sizes for various uses. The pumps can handle impurities, gravel, stones and dry running. The pump body is of galvanized construction, the discharge hose has a length of 5 meters, the hydraulic hoses are 7 meters in length, and there is a hook is attached to the end of the discharge hose.

AG21:  With a 3” hose dia., oil flow requirement of 25 l/min, six blades, the pump is relatively small, and is easy to handle, a maximum flow of 2100 l/min. Suitable for pumping water, urine, and light manure slurry.

AG46: hose size 5”, oil draw 50 l/min, three blades, inlet equipped with shredding blades, maximum flow 4600 l/min. Suitable for demanding environments.

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